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Thatcham Approved Motorhome Alarm – Fully Fitted


The Falcon Defender is an alarm which gives you perimeter protection.  Connecting to the on board ECU (computer) the alarm needs not cutting of manufactures cables keep your warranty intact.   Integrating to the vans on board computer the alarm will arm and disarm when the doors are locked with the OE key or the Alarm FOB.

The alarm module is a armour plated box and hidden away from intrusion and the siren is fitted awkwardly in the engine bay so as not to be easily accessed.  The Siren has full battery backup in case an intruder thinks by disconnecting the power it will stop the alarm.

The kit comes standard with the following detectors.  Protection of the cab doors drivers and passengers door.

  • Habitation door protection
  • Engine bay bonnet protection
  • Interior sensors can be isolated for night time operation
  • Panic button can be used to trigger the alarm causing Siren to sound and lights to flash
  • HVD high visual deterrent, flashing warning sign to any intruders sending a clear message out you are protected.
  • Self-Diagnostic LED light used for setting system up and reporting of any alarm activations.

Extra devices can be added as below:

  • Extra locker sensors ideal for Garage doors cost including fitting and vat is £75
  • Internal passive infra-red detector, this is an additional movement sensor that can cover the rear area of the habitation area.  This can be isolated as well for night time operation cost fitting and vat is £99
  • Additional alarm fobs.  The system comes standard with one Fob with the integrated Panic button.  Extra fobs are available cost at point of installation is £65.
  • Falcon Self-Track device, for complete peace of mind why not add the Falcon Self-Track with no annual subscriptions only 10 pence when you want to know where you van is and at a discounted price from £400 to £300 when fitted alongside an alarm installation a really good consideration.

One of those things you wished you would have done if the van is taken but sad to say you can not fit a tracker when the van is gone!



  1. Stuart Dutton

    Stephen Metcalf

    When we purchased our new motor home we were advised by the insurance it would be best if we had an alarm fitted. We spoke to our motor home dealer and though they could give us a price they could not advise us on the functionality of the system. We looked on line and found Falcon on Face book and realised we had seen them on many occasion in the Caravan and motorhome magazine. We called and we got the opposite regards information every question answered and suggestions of options we never thought of. We chose Falcon and had fitted at their workshop – campsite in Cheshire. When we drove through the gates we knew we had made the right choice. The system was fitted in less than four hours we were made very comfortable in the lovely waiting room but then went for a walk down the canal had a lovely dinner at the Leigh arms and decided after desert better we get a taxi back. With the system all fitted we were then shown exactly how to use the system and get the most out of it. We were that impressed we are now booked into have a 4G DTV system fitted.

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