QuickSAT QS80-SQ Sky Q Compatible Portable Satellite TV System


  • Lightweight 80cm square Flat Dish
  • Better reception than a traditional 80cm dish
  • Works in minutes from unpacking
  • Receives Sky* Q across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, over most of France and into West Germany.
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This is a special version of the QS80 that is compatible with Sky* Q. Please note this dish will only work with a Sky Q receiver. For Freesat or other free-to-air services see the standard QS80 here.

The QuickSAT QS80 is the most powerful portable dish on the market and includes everything you need except the TV and a receiver! The QS80’s patented satellite alignment tool offers the most efficient solution to dish setup available in it class and the dish sized at just 43cm square, the QS80 has the greater power than a 80cm dish and folds away in to a tidy portable case.

The QS80 satellite system allows you to find and lock on to the Sky* satellite within minutes from unpacking your kit. The QS80 system simply uses our patented satellite alignment & elevation device conveniently placed on the back of the dish to set the required elevation. In addition the QS80 transmits the sound from your TV to the dish relieving the setup process of any extra assistance whilst you adjust the kit. As you rotate the dish and it passes by the desired satellite you will hear the TV burst in to life as through the dishes built in speaker.

Supplied in its own carry case that keeps everything and together, sized at just L: 55cm W:45cm H:20cm the QuickSAT travel bag case houses everything you need to watch Sky* Q Satellite TV on the move except the receiver and a TV.

Includes free setup and a nights free camping on our campsite in Cheshire,
watch the video below for more information:


The QS80 covers the are indicated on the map below:


*Sky Q TV reception requires a Sky Q receiver and subscription (not included).
Sky and Sky Q are registered trademarks of Sky UK Limited. Falcon Technical Ltd is not affiliated with Sky and no endorsement by Sky is implied.

Getting Started

Setting up your Quicksat Portable Satellite Dish is simple, to assist you, you can watch the video below.

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For those who have not set up a Satellite dish before or you feel you just need some help, support is available at your home or at Falcon headquarters.

If you have already purchased or at the time of purchase you wish to request a set up service we will contact you to arrange an engineer at your home or for you to visit Falcon.

Our engineer will go through the set up and alignment tutorial to give you the confidence that you can do this by yourself when camping.

Mobile set up service is £75 payable to the engineer on completion.

Falcon HQ set up is £50 payable to the engineer on completion, if you visit Falcon in the price of £50 is also a free night of camping.

Tech Specs

  • Easy set up
  • Sky* Q Compatible
  • Sat-finder included
  • Receives Sky* over all of the UK, Ireland, most of France and into West Germany.
  • Almost half the size and weight of competing traditional systems.
  • Complete with weatherproof travel bag.
  • Packs down to 83x20x83cm
  • Weighs just 8Kg



What's included

  • QS80 Flat Dish
  • Tripod
  • Cable
  • Elevation meter
  • Satellite Finder
  • Speaker
  • Sat Mat
  • Compass
  • Carry Bag
  • Instruction book
  • Tutorial DVD


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