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Mega Fuse and Holder

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High quality Mega Fuse and fuse holder, available in 100A, 150A, 200A and 300A continuous ratings.

Mega Fuses have a blow rating that is double that of the continuous rating making them perfect for use with inverters providing protection against shorts or faults but also allowing the inverter to surge for short periods so that appliances such as pumps which need a burst of high current to get started can be used.

Picture is for illustration purposes, you will be sent the fuse with the rating you choose from the drop down menu.

  • Voltage up to 32 Volt DC
  • Voltage drop less than 92mV
  • 100/150/200/300 amp continuous rating
  • 200/300/400/600 blow rating
  • Operating temperature -40 to +125℃
  • Weight 16g



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