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Falcon WiFi+GSM Smart Security Alarm System – Fitted


Have piece of mind that your Caravan has full protection. The Falcon Habitation alarm includes different protection modes to ensure you are always protected.

Full Alarm mode – You are protected with habitation sensors, tow-away vibration sensors and also interior motion sensors.

Home Mode – Isolate your interior sensors for freedom of movement from bedroom to bathroom etc but still have peace of mind the perimeter is protected.

INSTALL OPTION 1: Standard Kit  – Includes: Alarm control panel, Siren, Habitation Sensor, Tow-away sensor, PIR movement sensors & control key fob & HVD ( High Visual Deterrent )

Store up to 6 numbers to be contacted in case of an alarm trigger.
Be notified which alarm component has been triggered.
Listen in function and 2 way voice function.

INSTALL OPTION 3: For Full Protection and piece of mind why not also add a Subscription Free GPS Tracker
Pinpoint the location of your vehicle along with coordinates and details to pass on to
authorities at the price of a text message. Peace of mind, made easy.

  • Habitation Alarm, Ideal for Motorhomes, Caravans, 5th wheel or static
  • Power: 5v DC
  • Siren:
  • WiFi+GSM dual network connection for double guarantee;
  • 2.4 inch TFT LCD display;
  • Support 10 remote controllers;
  • Support 6 groups of alarm phone numbers and 6 groups of alarm SMS numbers;
  • Support 2 wired defence zones;
  • Up to 10 wireless defence zones, support independently custom zone attributes;
  • 24-hour defence zone, ordinary defence zone, home defence zone and delay defence zone are selectable
  • Support device sharing
  • Smart doorbell, APP notifications
  • Built-in backup battery to prevent sudden power outage
  • Classified management of operation logs and alarm records
  • APP alarm notifications, accurately locate the alarm defence zone
  • Built-in RF wireless transmission module to expand wireless sirens
  • Record log of door magnetic switch, history recording, APP management
  • WiFi solution, APP management, allows to be linked to other smart products
  • Multi-account management, sub-permission management (a total of 16 accounts, 1 administrator, 15 visitors, These accounts only can be set on the alarm host, APP can not be set).

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