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Falcon Navi Explorer 7″ Sat Nav with Wireless Rear View Camera for Motorhome, Caravan or RV



Deluxe Bundle Pack includes sun visor and carry case for sat nav + Wifi Reversing Camera




The 2-in-1 Sat Nav and wireless reversing camera for Motorhome, Caravan and RV owners
This satellite navigation system is designed specifically for the motorhome and caravan market with options to configure the length, width, height, weight and number or axles of your towing vehicle and caravan, this allows the software to avoid unsuitable routes for your vehicle. Clear maps and spoken directions along with junction view and lane view give you clear advance warning of approaching junctions and lane changes so you have a safe and stress free journey.

Full mapping for 48 European countries are included along with Free annual Map Update links to keep your routes up to date. ( Provided to registered devices )

Over 25,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers come pre-installed including sites from The Caravan and Motorhome Club, The Camping and Caravanning Club, Aires, ACSI Eurocamping, Stelleplatze and Bordatlas

Includes a completely wireless battery powered reversing camera
The included wireless reversing camera has a built in rechargeable battery (recharge in the vehicle or via USB) and attaches magnetically to your vehicle or to the included metal plate that can be stuck to your vehicle using the included adhesive. No holes, no mess, no fuss, just attach the camera when required and take off again to recharge.

Many built in extras
The clear spoken directions can be played through the built in speaker or via your vehicles radio using the built in FM modulator. Not only that, you can play back MP3 music files or use the screen to watch a video when you are parked up.

Software features:

  • Preloaded with the latest maps for UK and Western/Eastern Europe (48 countries)
  • Preloaded with over 25,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers
  • Free Lifetime Map Updates, download or by post
  • Customisable for vehicle length, width, height, weight, axles and trailer to avoid unsuitable routes
  • Speed camera warnings (can be disabled in countries where not permitted)
  • Intuitive user interface with full touchscreen control
  • Full 7 digit post code support
  • Set destination by latitude and longitude for remote areas
  • Turn by turn routing with clear voice prompts and spoken directions
  • Save your favourite locations
  • Lane guidance and junction view
  • Route optimisation to provide most direct route
  • Intelligent traffic
  • Route avoidance allows you to avoid motorways, toll roads etc.
  • Auto re-route, fast off-route and detour recalculation
  • Choice of route setup (fastest, shortest etc)
  • Caravan, Motorhome, Car and Pedestrian modes
  • Points of interest, camp sites, petrol stations, motorway services etc.
  • 2D and 3D map views
  • Choice of vehicle indicator
  • Video and music players
  • Photo viewer
  • Trip Monitor
  • Country information



The Falcon life time map update offer, allows you to receive map updates when and as such updates are made available during the useful life of 1 compatible Falcon product or as long as Falcon receives map data from a third party supplier, whichever is shorter. A product’s “useful life” means the period during which the product (a) has sufficient memory capacity and other required technical capabilities to utilize current map data and (b) is capable of operating as intended without major repairs. A product will be deemed to be out of service and its useful life to be ended if no updates have been downloaded for such product for a period of 24 months or more. Unless otherwise stated, the updates you receive under the subscription will be updates to the same geographic area included with your Falcon product when originally purchased. Third party content providers may change. In some instances, your Falcon product might not have sufficient memory remaining for you to load an update to the map data, in which case you will need to either (a) select reduced map data coverage for your updates, or (b) purchase separately a microSD™/SD™ card (if and as applicable to your Falcon product) and load all or a portion of the map data coverage for your updates to the card and insert the card into the microSD/SD card slot contained in your Falcon product. If neither of the measures in (a) or (b) can be used to address your product’s lack of sufficient remaining memory, then Falcon may conclude that the “useful life” of your product has expired. Falcon may terminate your Lifetime Map Updates at any time if you violate any of the terms of this agreement. Your Lifetime Map Updates may not be transferred to another Falcon product.

  • 7″ capacitive touch screen with 800×480 resolution
  • 1.3GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex processor and 1GB RAM
  • Built in WiFi
  • Based on Google’s Android operating system
  • 16GB Storage built in for pictures, music etc.
  • 16GB MicroSDHC card for mapping
  • FM modulator allows sound to be played through vehicle radio
  • Built in speaker and stereo headphone socket
  • Built in GPS antenna
  • Cold start <42s, Hot start <3s, Warm start <36s
  • Mini USB Port for connection to PC or Mac
  • Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac compatible
  • Built in rechargeable battery

What’s in the box: 

  • 7″ Explorer Satellite Navigation System
  • Suction cup windscreen mounting bracket
  • USB cable
  • 12V/24V Vehicle charger
  • 240V Home charger
  • 16GB MicroSD card with latest maps for UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands
  • Instruction booklet
  • Wifi Camera and charge lead





  1. Mike Hodges

    Having driven a caravan for some years one of the things I have always wanted was a rear view camera that was simple to install. I found this camera first in the Carvan and Motorhome club magazine and called the company to get more information. I ended up purchasing not just the camera but also bought the Falcon Explorer. Does what is says on the box. Not just a sat nav that you can put all your dimensions in with God knows how many camp sites but then press the camera button and it displays the camera on the back of my caravan. No more guessing if I have gone past a truck any more I can see it. Camera battery life is around 5 hours but its never more than I want to drive for before taking a stop then take the camera off put it on charge and 1 hour later and another 5 hours. Just what I was looking for, thanks!

  2. Stephen Carter

    I bought this product at the Malvern Three Counties motorhome show at a discounted price as I needed a reversing camera but did want to hard wire the camera. The operation was described to me at the show which made it very appealing however as like all these shows there a quite a few tress to look at in a short time, my surprise came when a day or so later when we watched the DVD that came with Falcon Navi where we realised what we had bought with all the added software with in the tablet. After you have added all the required information of your vehicle and set your destination the Falcon Sat Navi will only guide you on roads that are suitable for your vehicle, also if you have the longitude and latitude of your destination it will take you straight there, unlike if you enter the post code as we have had some bad experiences with this as we found there are so many areas outside London where the post code covers a very wide area with so many different types of roads that can take you there some of which I have had first hand experience with being directed down a single track farm road. It is well loaded with Camping and Caravan club sites which have the locations pre set. the best of this product you can transfer it to any vehicle and if your vehicle has a reversing camera you can use the reversing camera as a dash cam. Certainly not money wasted. Well recommended.

  3. Janett Thompson

    great products, sat nav with all the features allowing height weight and width and has apps on for multi purpose use, then the reversing camera which is great camera and also connects to the sat nav.

  4. Stan Bolt

    Great kit easy set up and installation 2nd one we purchased. As last one my son had off me

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