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Falcon Motorhome and Caravan UFO Roof Mount Omni-directional Digital TV Antenna 2 TV Support


This fully waterproof omni-directional roof mount antenna is only 90.5mm high and offers 360 degree reception of Freeview  and other digital DVB-T TV services.

With many motorhomes and caravans suffering from poor reception after the digital TV roll out it is time for a replacement designed digital TV reception.

As it is omni-directional that means you don’t need to point it in any particular orientation, just install it to the roof of your caravan or motorhome and connect the generous 6 metre cable to your TV using the built in F connector or the included TV coax adapter.

The design of this high gain antenna gives you a huge advantage over older analogue TV antennas and the stronger signal gives you excellent digital reception. Vertical and horizontal elements give you the performance needed in locations that use either vertical or horizontally polarised transmitters.

The UFO antenna is designed to be ground independent which means it does not need a metal ground plane or to be be grounded making this antenna perfect for caravans, motorhomes, boats or any non-metal roof installation.


  • Omni directional aerial for Digital TV
  • Supports 2 x TV’s
  • Includes Reception Booster
  • 171mm high and 280mm diameter
  • Base diameter 150mm
  • Can be used on non-metal roofs
  • Does not need to be grounded
  • 6 metre cable included
  • Includes F connector and standard TV coax connector
  • 360° angle of reception
  • Mounts through 15mm hole including cable
  • Frequency Range UHF:460-862MHz
  • Impedance 75 Ohm
TV Outputs

1, 2


  1. Jon Jones

    Had a direction TV antenna before and could not get on with having to point in the direction of signal found complicated. Falcon removed and replaced without making any more holes. Great easy set up

  2. Jeffery Smith

    great product don’t have to worry about pointing a satellite dish the right way as it is omni-directional which mean it scan the whole area on a 360 degrees. brilliant purchase.

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