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FALCON EVO Mobile, Portable Internet Antenna – Antenna Only



Designed for Boosted 5G / 4G internet wherever you are.   Unable to connect to a sites shared Wifi?  Looking for a boosted 5G or 4G signal where your phone may sometimes struggle?  Going camping and want boosted internet in your tent? using your vehicle as a mobile office?   Maybe you are looking for an internet solution that isn’t permanently fixed to your van and gives you the freedom to use wherever you wish?  The  Falcon 5G DIY Portable antenna  gives you the freedom to boost your signal wherever you are


The suction mounted window antenna uses MiMo (Multiple input, Multiple output) technology to send and receive more than one data signal simultaneously for the best possible 5G / 4G speeds.


Combine this Antenna with one of the FALCON EVO products or EVO DTV products to make your system mobile giving you more options on where you can use your internet system having 1 router for multiple purposes, using your EVO or EVO DTV antenna when camping in your motorhome or caravan it is fitted to and using your EVO Mobile antenna if you’d want to stay connected when out and about or staying in another van that doesn’t have an internet system fitted or camping in a tent.


Simply connect the antenna to a portable router that has TS9 connector inputs to boost the signal reception to the router.


The antenna can be mounted via the included suction mount / magnetic mount that can be attached to the rear or the bottom of the antenna via screw mounts.


Compatible with:











Electrical Data

  • Frequency: 698-960MHz, 1710-2700MHz, 3300-4800MHZ
  • Peak Gain (dBi): 3.5dBi/6dBi/6.5dBi
  • Polarization: Vertical and Horizontal
  • Impedance:50 Ohm
  • Connector: TS9 (M)*2
  • Cable: RG-174

Mechanical Data

  • Available Colour: White
  • Height(mm): 203mm
  • Diameter(mm): 170mm
  • Operating Temperature:- 20° ~ +65°
  • Cable Length: 2m
  • Material: Body: ABS
  • Cable: PVC
  • Mounting: Suction cups or magnet on base or rear

EVO Mobile Antenna User Manual





  1. James Hilton

    This is a great way to boost and mifi hot spot that is struggling for signal. We bought the antenna from FALCON as we had a router in our camper van but signal was poor. Our mifi unit had antenna inputs which is the important thing. Pluggin this into the router and putting the antenna on the outside of our van worked great 4 bars of 3G change to 3 bars of 4G then we could stream where on 3 we could not.

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