Falcon FN 4G-DTV Amplified Omni Directional TV Antenna combined with Amplified 4G Internet Technology for Motorhomes and Caravans


Welcome the latest technology that combines a Digital TV antenna and a boosted 4G internet connection. Watch live TV, stream BBC iPlayer or Netflix or simply browse the internet as you do in your home, now in your mobile home.

Connect up to 10 devices to the internet whilst still watching live Digital TV, the perfect solution for keeping connected and entertained.

Life made easy by Falcon!

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5 201 Reviews)


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Boost your TV and 4G Internet signal at the same time.

Designed specifically for Motorhomes and Caravans the Falcon 4G DTV allows you to get online without having to rely on campsite WiFi as well as providing a digital TV signal

Welcome the Falcon 4G DTV antenna!

If you are looking for a TV antenna solution and boosted 4G internet look no further. Falcon have the perfect solution to boost your TV signal as well as add a boosted 4G internet hotspot.

Combined with Falcon EVO 4G technology this antenna offers boosted 4G internet on the move or when camping. Watch Digital TV and get online at the same time, or take your Amazon Fire TV Stick etc. and stream services such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

If you are looking to up-grade your old TV antenna, no need to drill any new holes on the roof of your van this combined DTV and 4G antenna replaces the existing TV antenna and improves your TV signal and adds boosted 4G internet.

The external omni-directional antenna does not require a metallic ground plane meaning it maintains a high level of performance when mounted on a non-metallic surface such as your motorhome or caravan roof.

The included Wi-Fi router connects to the 4G/3G network via the roof mounted antenna and provides a Wi-Fi hotspot for you to connect all your devices to (up to 10 devices at once).

The LCD screen on the front displays the network name and password as well as important information about the connection including the current speed, data used and the number of devices connected via WiFi.

For most users all you will need to do is switch it on and connect to the WiFi network using the password shown on the display but for more advanced users you can access extra settings via a web browser or by using the free app available from the Apple App Store, Google Play store on Android or the Amazon store.

The Magnetic Docking/Charging Station allows you to easily connect it to the roof antenna and charge it from your 12V supply while keeping it in a position that allows you to easily see the display.

The Wi-Fi router unit also has its own internal battery which lasts for 6 hours so you can unplug it from the charging mount and take it with you for portable use although the performance will be much less than when used with the roof mount antenna.

The system works on all UK and EU frequencies for 4G LTE at speeds up to 150Mbps and is backwards compatible with 3G up to 42Mbps and even 2G networks where supported.

It is completely unlocked so will work on any network giving you the freedom to choose your data network service provider.


We suggest that you order your Data SIM card prior to your arranged installation visit so that our installation team can fit this for you and ensure everything is correctly configured, tested and demonstrated so that you can be up and running and enjoying your 4G connection. 

To get you started you may wish to check out the current network provider data deals.

Three offer a 200mb free per month SIM allowing you to top up your data once that has been used.  To apply for a free data sim from Three visit:

Three Free 200mb per Month SIM Card

Other Service Providers in the UK to consider are EE, Vodafone, O2, Sky Mobile Giffgaff, Plusnet, Tesco Mobile though others are available.

You can also visit the below comparison site to compare Contract Data SIM Only:

Contract Data SIM Only Comparisons

For occasional use of 4G internet without being tied into a data contract you may also wish to consider Pay As You Go Data SIM’s which allow you to pay for what you use and allowing you to top up at any time. 




Getting Started


SIM Card: You can use a SIM on any network but we include a Three SIM card which gives you 200MB of free data a month once you have registered and you can then top up with packages of your choice.

Travelling Abroad: Three offer “Go Roam in Europe” on all their plans which covers roaming in 49 European destinations and “Go Roam Around the World” which covers 71 destinations worldwide. If you have a data plan of 12GB or more you can use up to 12GB when roaming in other countries at no extra cost.
In “Go Roam in Europe” destinations data use over this limit incurs a surcharge of up to 0.50p/MB. In “Go Roam Around the World” destinations data use over this limit is not allowed.

For “Go Roam in Europe” Three say they may charge a small surcharge if you spend the majority of your time abroad and use more data abroad than you do in the UK over a rolling 4 month period. The enforcement on this seems to vary a lot but should it happen you will be notified beforehand. If you roam exclusively in a “Go Roam Around the World” destination for any 2 complete months in a rolling 12 month period, Three say they may suspend international roaming on your account.
Most of our customers don’t find these these restrictions to be a problem but if they are it is possible to order additional sims as a backup and of course you are free to use any SIM and any network of your choosing.

For more details on Three’s Go Roam service and the countries covered please see the Three website.

If you are travelling abroad please read the instructions on how to enable roaming on your device before leaving the UK.

Tech Spec

Antenna Specifications

  • Wideband antenna, works with 3G & 4G
  • Digital TV antenna 8-10dBi
  • Frequencies 470-860/698-960 / 1710-2700
  • Omni-directional radiation
  • Ground plane independent
  • Height 271mm (10.6”)
  • Diameter 280mm (11″)
  • Base Diameter 150mm (5.9″)
  • Peak Gain (Isotropic) 470-860MHz: 2-3dBi, 698-960MHz: 2.3dBi, 1710-2700MHz: 5dBi
  • Integrated 60cm 4G cable, 20cm TV cable
  • Includes 450cm extension cable with IEC coax TV connector, Impedance 75 Ohm
  • IP66 water and dust proof
  • Supports Up To 2 TV’s

Wi-Fi Router Specifications

  • Unlocked to all mobile networks
  • Fast startup
  • 1.45” LCD Display
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous users/devices
  • 1500mAh rechargeable battery
  • Speed: LTE FDD 150Mbps/LTE TDD 112Mbps
  • 2 x TS9 MIMO antenna connectors
  • 96.8 x 58 x 13.5mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight 82g


What's included

  • 4G and DTV Roof Antenna
  • Tube of adhesive
  • DTV cable 1 x 5 mtr
  • 2nd DTV cable 1 x 4 mtr
  • 4G cable 2 mtr
  • Power cable for 4G docking station 2 mtr
  • Power cable for tv booster 1 mtr
  • Magnetic Docking/Charging Station for Wi-Fi Router, 12V input
  • Unlocked Wi-Fi Router
  • 1 input, 2 output TV booster, supports up to 2 TVs



English / German Manual: 


Installation Diagram:  Diagram for installation




  1. Graham Gresty

    We had the 4G and TV antenna fitted by Falcon recently and the TV reception is much better than it was with the previous aerial that came fitted to the van and the 4G system allows us to use iPlayer too and keep in touch with the family via Skype. A great all in one unit, really pleased with it and a very tidy installation.

  2. Simon Browning

    Being new to a mobile home we were keen to make sure we had the best connectivity when on board. Not really knowing who to turn to we researched thoroughly what was the best option and the folk at Falcon came out on top by a long way. From our original inquiry to completion of the job everyone at Falcon has performed to an exceedingly high standard. The device installed does exactly what we wanted and exactly as they described to us. The price for the device and installation was very good indeed and outstripped their opposition. This did not mean compromise anywhere else. Pre and after sales support has been exceptional. The detail given to ensuring a safe installation was without fault. The level of detail is to be greatly applauded, as is the exceptional quality of work, cleanliness and cleaning down after installation. We did not stay overnight due to the current Covid-19 restriction but the small campsite facility offered to those who wish to stay over is excellent and I would definitely recommend it. The surrounding countryside and canal walks are beautiful to go for a walk in whilst installation takes place.This whole experience has been quite exceptional. At all times we felt extremely safe and protected from any infection risks and I would certainly return to this company in the future. It has been a real pleasure dealing with such a professional and caring team of people. Thank you to all of you and especially Dean and Colette.

  3. Mike Hodson

    Dean from Falcon did an excellent job of installing my solar panel and TV Aerial/4G array – and support from the whole company was very good. I am really pleased with the results – very neat and works well.

  4. Michael Dinnage

    4G DTV TV Antenna & 4G Booster
    My first experience with this company, and I have to admit it came as a surprise how friendly and, more especially, efficient everyone was.
    I had taken advantage of the excellent on site overnight pitch to arrive the night before.
    It was soon noticeable in the morning that the attention to social distancing and hygiene was very evident, obviously thought had gone into dealing with customers in these trying times.
    Enough said about these circumstances that we all find ourselves in.
    From start to finish the installation of the 4G Booster/TV Antenna was exemplary from it being explained simply what was going to happen and ensuring that I was happy with all aspects of the job.
    I already had an aerial system fitted and Dean the technician removed this and utilised the existing hole in the roof to fit the new antenna, keeping the job extremely neat and tidy.
    The functionality of the new system, the use of the 4G Sim-Card in the booster, oh and I forgot to say I also took advantage of having a Self-Find Tracker fitted at the same time, explained in such a way as it was easily understood.
    Dean the technician was not only excellent at what he did but was a real human being, keeping myself and the other people who were waiting for their work to be completed, not only entertained with his humour and candid behaviour but by ensuring everyone was happy at all times.
    If your looking for a cheap fix job, don’t go to Falcon, but if you’re looking for a slick, efficient and professional job then look no further. Yes you can always find a cheaper option, but do you really want your Motorhome or Caravan to be worked on, “on the cheap”.

  5. Alan Bentley

    New (to us) motor home. Changes needed. New solar panel, TV aerial, twin cameras for security and rear view mirror. Impressed by Chris and the guys at the NEC show,

    so booked in for work. Drove from Surrey to Cheshire. Arrived at Falcon’s gates, gear box broke.

    Pushed into a pitch by the team and local repairer arranged to collect. Train home. Returned, ‘van re-sited, jobs done and two very happy motor homers returned south.

    However, icing on the cake was the ‘Digital TV antenna’. Months later, asked CC Site manager in south Devon what TV reception was like.

    “Pants!” was her answer, “Lucky to get 5 channels”. Following day told her we got 17 channels clear as a bell! So ‘Thank you’ Falcon for your expertise, consideration and our bragging rights!

    Alan Bentley

  6. Gary Dormer

    We had a 4GDTV digital TV antenna with 4G wifi booster, plus a caravan wireless rear view camera fitted to our 2018 Bailey Cabrera by Chris, Colette and the team at Falcon. From start to finish, the whole experience was exemplary, as the customer is number one, with workmanship being excellent, and the advice, knowledge, and understanding from Chris and Dean being first class. The installation was painless and professional from all concerned. The camera is an instant success, and proved it’s worth from the outset, giving the driver valuable additional real time information. We cannot recommend the camera enough, as it gives a third eye to the driver, especially on motorways, and is definitely not a gimmick, but an essential accessory assisting especially when overtaking or moving lanes.
    Having the omnidirectional 4GDTV antenna has been a bonus for better television viewing with a wider number of channel choices than our previous directional aerial, and the wifi booster is a bonus in locations where internet access is poor or limited.
    We will definitely be going back to Falcon for further upgrades and accessories from the vast and growing range available, as the fitting location is well placed, and easy to access. We took advantage of an over night stay in the gorgeously tranquil rural setting too, which added to the whole experience. Thank you all

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