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FALCON WebOS 22” SMART COMBO FHD Camping TV and Mobile Internet Combined Solution with Freeview Play, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and More


Introducing, the FALCON Smart Combo 22 inch, a complete camping solution for smart TV when camping.  Falcon 22″ WebOS SMART Multi-Voltage LED Camping TV and the Falcon 4G Combo boosted internet solution giving you the capability to stream.  A smart TV on its own is not enough of course you need an internet connection, tethering to your phone is possible when your phone has signal but camping in rural locations where signal is poor results in no connection or buffering.  This needs a better internet connection, the FALCON 4G Combo is an internet system which requires no drilling or cutting any holes no worries about warranty issues.  After market internet solutions are normally around £350 plus a Smart TV adds up to about £800.  The FALCON Smart Combo TV and internet solution priced at £499 offers great value and easy set up.  Watch the video for more information.


Falcon 22″ Smart Camping TV:

  • 22” Full HD Smart TV with built-in HD satellite decoder
  • Built-in FreeSat Satellite decoder with 7 day EPG
  • DVB-T & DVB-T2 digital tuner
  • DVB-S & DVB-S2 digital HD freesat satellite tuner
  • Ultra compact edge-to-edge design
  • Wi-Fi built-in 2.4 & 5Ghz
  • Voice control (optional with magic remote)
  • 240v AC / 12v/24v DC
  • Freeview Play

Falcon 4G Combo:


  • Delivers High Speed 4G Internet so you can browse the internet and stream all your favourite shows and movies.
  • An Easy Setup, no drilling or cutting cables needed simply plug in and enjoy your new internet system.
  • Completely Unlocked, meaning you can use any data provider  for the best rates depending on where you are travelling to and chose between a contract sim or pay as you go depending on how often you will be using your system.
  • Connect up to 10 devices, so you can keep the whole family entertained.
  • Fully Waterproof, so it can sit on the outside of your insulated van, where signal cannot penetrate through, and boosts the signal inside.

178° degree viewing angles allows you to enjoy a crisp and clear image in close environments like caravans and motorhomes, partnered with the Falcon 4G Combo’s high speed internet connection you can stream all your favourite shows and movies on all the most popular streaming services, with a built-in play store you can keep all your apps up to date, whether you use Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + or Freeview Play.

A sleek and clean design blends into the surroundings of your van whether you wish to stand mount your TV or wall mount using the standard VESA bracket on the back of the Falcon SMART TV which works with all standard TV mounts.

Powered by 12, 24 and 240 Volts you can use the Falcon SMART TV and the Falcon 4G Combo on and off the grid.

Not only does the Falcon 4G Combo allow you to connect your TV for streaming, but you can connect up to 9 devices, pairing your phones and tablets for browsing the internet, working remotely and staying in touch with loved one, keeping the whole family entertained.

The Falcon SMART TV has a DVB-T and DVB-S2, so you can connect your TV antenna or satellite dish to watch live TV, when you might be travelling out of range of a 4G mast. Should you be camping where you are unable to get any signal at all whether that be 4G or live TV the built-in DVD player guarantees you can stay entertained, when forced to stay in to avoid the bad weather.

Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect a Bluetooth Soundbar, for an improved audio experience, or a Bluetooth Headphones, so you can enjoy a movie while your partner reads a book next to you.

Falcon 22″ Smart Camping TV:

Falcon 4G Combo:

• Antenna Gain: 2.4GHz: Internal, 2 x 2, build-in 5dBi
• LTE Antenna: 2 x External 5 dBi omnidirectional Antenna, SMA type
• Data Rate: 2.4GHz: 3GPP R9 Cat. 4, Downlink/Uplink up to 150Mbps/50Mbps
• LAN: 2x 10/100
• WAN: 10/100
• Max. Power Consumption: 8.5W
• Operating System Compatibility: Windows/iOS/Android
• Operating Temperature: -10°C to 55°C
• Storage Temperature: -14°C to 80°C
• Power Input: DC 12v 1A & DC 24v 5A
• SIM Slot: 4G
• Support PoE: 24V/0.5A
• Dimensions: 78 x 42 x 313 (including antenna’s)
• Dimensions: 78 x 42 x 154 (excluding antenna’s)
• Weight: 185g (Router, antennas and suction cups)
• Weight: 400g (Boxed)
• Hardware Reset Button: Restore Factory Settings

Upgrade your system with the following accessories:

  • Protective carry case to store all your Falcon 4G Combo parts
  • The Adhesive mounting pad allows you to mount your Falcon 4G Combo on any surface no matter how uneven it is
  • 5 metre 12 volt power lead, so you can have more freedom on where you can put your Falcon 4G Combo without being restricted by power points
  • Crocodile clips to 12 Volt supply gives you the ability to use your Falcon 4G Combo wherever you have a battery whether you go camping in a tent or hook it up to your car battery
  • A tripod allows you to mount your Falcon 4G Combo and gives you the freedom to move the Combo to any location to collect the best signal

Falcon 22″ WebOS Smart TV User Manual

Falcon 22 Inch WebOS SMART Camping TV Datasheet 2023

Falcon 4G Combo User Manual ENG GER V2.1


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