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Crocodile Clip to 12 Volt Socket 2 Metre Lead


Connect to your battery to add an external socket, perfect to use with the Falcon Combo allowing you to have mobile internet anywhere you have a battery.

Clip onto your car battery and have an external 12 volt supply for your Falcon Combo so you can mount on the outside of the window and hide any connections underneath the hood of your car for a waterproof solution.

Take a battery with you while camping in a tent and a have your own electrical supply for charging devices or powering 12V appliances.

Alligator clip rating: 50A.
Car Fuse: 15A;
Terminal: 205 Female Type,
Nickel Plated Brass Cable: UL, SPT-2, 16AWG/2C
Cable length: 2 meters
Color: Red/Black


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