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7” Digital Mirror Monitor & Wireless Camera


This wireless rear view system is perfect for caravans or fifth wheels as no cable is required between the camera and monitor. It uses digital radio transmission technology for a perfect picture at maximal range and can be used as a driving camera or as a reversing camera

Enjoy a quality picture with Digital transmission for an interference free picture unlike analogue transmission systems. Full colour by day with black and white by night.

Included is a 7″ clip on mirror monitor that plugs into a USB power socket or a cigarette lighter socket. A waterproof external camera with built in infrared night vision which can work with a 12V or 24V application.

Installation is clean and tidy very much the same as installing a solar panel. Easy to operate simply switch on the camera and clip your monitor over your mirror power up and drive with full rear visibility.


Installation Options:

FITTED AT FALCON :  Have your system fitted at out Installation facility in Cheshire with its own campsite where we offer 2 nights of Free Camping with the installation.  Allowing you to travel and stay with us during your installation.

FITTED AT YOUR DOOR :  Falcon have a nationwide network of Falcon approved installers throughout  the UK who can attend your location ( Subject to availability and location ) to install your new Wireless camera system.


Choose your installation type at checkout and we will be in touch to organise an installation booking for you. 





1. Falcon Digital Mirror monitor (Monitor with 2 meter power cable to USB connector)
2. 12 volt to DUEL USB adapter
3. Falcon Digital Camera (Digital wireless transmitting camera with 5 meter power cable)
4. Camera antenna (Digital camera antenna)
5. Bracket for camera (camera bracket)
6. Bolts and Allen key for fixing the camera to the camera bracket
7. Camera base (Camera base)
8. Single cable entry glands
9. Camera power switch
10. Female spade connectors (Power switch for camera)
11. Inline fuse holder and fuse (in line fuse for camera power connection)
12. Screws fixings caps for fixing the bracket to base station and base to roof
13. Adhesive (to fix base station to roof)
14. Falcon User manual

Falcon Mirror Monitor & Camera 2021 Manual 1.1 Eng and Ger


  1. Paul Wenger

    I had one of these kits fitted as wanted to have visibility behind my caravan whilst driving and reversing. Had it fitted by Falcon and they did the job without having to make a single hole in my van, a brilliant product and great installation, just what I was looking for and takes the stress out of towing. Thanks Falcon for a first class job, I will recommend you to all my caravan buddy’s.

  2. Paul Baxter

    We had this fitted after we experienced towing our caravan for the first time. With limited visibility on our first trip out it turned what was supposed to be a pleasant drive to the Lake District into a stressful one. Overtaking was the biggest problem knowing when safe to pull back in. We looked around then we met David Wilson who had a system fitted at Falcon, David explained how easy it was to operate and showed us how tidy the installation was. Our mind made up we had ours fitted and happy to say now our journeys are now stress free. Great product one of the best accessories we purchased for our caravan.

  3. Peter Frewer

    This was our second experience at Falcon’s workshop and campsite in Cheshire. The first time was to have a solar panel fitted, which we are very happy with. This time we wanted a rear camera fitted. During the pre-work briefing we also learnt that other security measures were available, which could be done at the same time as having the camera fitted. in the end we had fitted a tracker device, a forward facing dash cam, and a wifi booster using our existing tv aerial. Whilst the work was being carried out we enjoyed a hike along the nearby canal and River Weaver. Returning later in the afternoon we found our motorhome parked back in their little campsite with all work done. we enjoyed a quiet , free, overnight stay before heading back home.
    This is really quality work, by a friendly and knowledgeable team. Highly recommended.

  4. Gary Dorma

    We had a 4GDTV digital TV antenna with 4G wifi booster, plus a caravan wireless rear view camera fitted to our 2018 Bailey Cabrera by Chris, Colette and the team at Falcon. From start to finish, the whole experience was exemplary, as the customer is number one, with workmanship being excellent, and the advice, knowledge, and understanding from Chris and Dean being first class. The installation was painless and professional from all concerned. The camera is an instant success, and proved it’s worth from the outset, giving the driver valuable additional real time information. We cannot recommend the camera enough, as it gives a third eye to the driver, especially on motorways, and is definitely not a gimmick, but an essential accessory assisting especially when overtaking or moving lanes.
    Having the omnidirectional 4GDTV antenna has been a bonus for better television viewing with a wider number of channel choices than our previous directional aerial, and the wifi booster is a bonus in locations where internet access is poor or limited.
    We will definitely be going back to Falcon for further upgrades and accessories from the vast and growing range available, as the fitting location is well placed, and easy to access. We took advantage of an over night stay in the gorgeously tranquil rural setting too, which added to the whole experience. Thank you all

  5. Sam Collins

    Hi Chris,
    Just a brief note to let you know that I am delighted with the Falcon Reversing Camera. It certainly makes for much safer driving, which was really only secondary to the original reason for the purchase. What it has done is made reversing into my very narrow drive entrance simplicity in itself. I can see Jennies hand signals very clearly now, and it saves her from shouting herself hoarse when I am about to back into our high hedges either side of the drive entrance (which used to hide her hand signals) and was able to do it ‘in one’ without pausing. You asked me to comment on the ‘refresh’ rate of the video as transferred from camera to screen. From my perspective, it is fine, and as you said when we spoke, it is virtually ‘real time’. It also gives a very wide field of view.

    Certainly, if any should ever ask, I would thoroughly recommend it.

  6. Sam Collins

    I recently invested in a Falcon Reversing Camera as advertised in one of the caravanning community magazines. It certainly makes for much safer driving, completely removing any blind spots in the rear of the caravan, although this wasn’t the primary reason for the purchase. What it has done is made reversing into my rather narrow drive entrance from our rather busy road simplicity in itself. I can now see my wife’s hand signals very clearly, and it saves her from shouting herself hoarse when I am about to back into the high hedges on either side of our drive entrance. I am also able to carry out the manoeuvre ‘in one’ without pausing, and more importantly without holding up other road users unduly. The team, having explained what is involved in the installation, carried out the task neatly and efficiently, and I would not hesitate in recommending either Falcon or the product.

  7. Bob Devaney

    We have a caravan and travel to France when towing it can be stressful long journeys wrong side of the road and rain on our mirrors. One of our friends mentioned they saw this product being praised on a forum I contacted Falcon and we arranged to have fitted, this we see now as an essential part of our caravan would highly recommend. Clear picture simple to use and now feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed when towing.

  8. Keith Overson

    Hello Chris,
    Thank you for your email. We arrived home just as the snow started to settle! It was a far, far better journey knowing what would otherwise have been in a blind spot in our rear view vision. It will make all the difference to our journeys and holidays with the caravan this and later years.

    Thank you to all your staff for making us welcome and for the two night stay. Simon was particularly good at explaining the process and making sure that all was well before we left.
    Thanks again and for the pleasure it will give us, mile after mile.

  9. Janice Green

    We purchased a new caravan and after towing for the 1st time found it very stressful that we could not use our rear-view mirror in the car. All we could see was the caravan behind us. So we looked for a solution to give us better visibility. We found FALCON through GO outdoors and visited FALCON and was shown the FALCON rear view system. We had this fitted in 2022 and have since taken our caravan out 4 times. The difference this has made towing so much easier and much less stress. This product has made our holiday time so much easier. Great product and great company to deal with thank you FALCON.

  10. John Ratcliffe

    We had a camera previously but the picture was not very good. We contacted FALCON and had this product fitted and we were very impressed with the system and the quality of picture and installation

  11. Les Murphy

    I have been a long distance lorry driver for years and never had a problem but I thought it would be more relaxing to have improved vision when towing. We had this fitted at the same time as a solar panel and happy we did as great picture and makes towing so much more comfortable.

  12. Tony Falla

    After having one of these systems fitted by FALCON in 2019 and now buying a new caravan i have just booked in to have another one fitted to my new van as one of the best caravan accesories to have.

  13. Brian Brown

    Good mooring Chris, we arrived in Skipton in good time and all is working as it should. We thank you for your hospitality and expertise and especially your eggs. Please convey our thanks and gratitude to Collette, Dean and all Staff at Falcon Technical.
    Wishing you every success

    Best regards
    Gloria and Brian

  14. Phil Williams

    Having Concerns when towing our caravan and not being able to see what was behind us when overtaking. We consulted Falcon Technologies. They invited us to their Installation Centre. We had the Digital Mirror and wireless Camera fitted. The Falcon Technicians were very friendly and helpful. They explained the whole process to us and how to use the system after installation.
    Driving home with the Caravan and being able to see clearly what was behind was fantastic. I fully recommend Falcon and their Digital Mirror & Wireless Camera system. For me it is safety and peace of mind. Thanks Falcon, Phil & Juliet.

  15. John Moores

    Read the reviews and thought would get one of these fitted. FANTASTIC. Great product delivers what it says in all the other reviews.

  16. Steve Riley

    Great well impressed now we can tow with confidence

  17. Phill Masters

    Friendly staff and lovey location

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