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FALCON 30A MPPT Duo Technology Solar Regulator – For Lithium, Liquid, GEL & AGM Batteries


The FALCON 30A MPPT Duo Technology Solar Regulator is the ideal solar regulator for solar systems under 360W, capable of charging your vehicle battery at the same time as your leisure battery, compatible with all battery times, whether you have Lithium, Liquid, GEL & AGM. The MPPT technology will improve your system by up to 30% if you are currently using a PWM regulator. You can upgrade this regulator to have Bluetooth monitoring by using a Bluetooth dongle, allowing you to monitor how much energy your system is producing and how much you are storing in your batteries allowing you to better understand your energy needs and make sure you never end up with flat batteries.

Charging your camping and engine battery at the same time

The Dual output system is ideal for motorhomes and campervans with a camping battery as well as an engine battery, the dual output regulator allows you to control the balance of charge to each battery camping season dependent, if your are out camping and you are using the energy stored in your camping battery to power your appliances you can direct 90% of the energy produced by your solar system to the camping battery and the other 10% to the engine battery to keep it maintained, if you have your van in storage you may want to set 70% of the energy produced to the engine battery as it may be getting drained by any immobilisers or other devices connected and direct the other 30% to your camping battery so you can be confident your van will be ready to go when you head out on your next trip.

When one of your batteries become fully charged the Dual regulator will automatically direct 100% of the energy produced by the solar system to the battery that is still in need of charge.

Benefits of MPPT Solar Regulator Technology

MPPT technology generates up to 30% more energy from your solar panels than a standard PWM regulator, allowing you to keep up with your energy needs without requiring a massive panel, and unlike PWM regulators MPPT is compatible with Lithium leisure batteries, if you already have them in your van or are looking to upgrade, check out ours below.

  • 30Amp 12V MPPT Dual Output regulator
  • Supplies regulated power to camping and engine battery.
  • Controls charge split, to each battery to properly maintain batteries in and out of season.
  • Protects the battery against overcharge, by cutting the supply to the battery when the regulator detects the battery is full.
  • Compatible with Lithium, Lead Acid, Gel, and AGM batteries
  • Optional Bluetooth connections, make selection at the top, to connect your device so you can monitor how much energy your system in producing and storing.
  • 2 x 20A fuse and holder, to protect both your batteries against large power surges

Falcon 30A DUO MPPT Regulator User Manual



The charging lights work on battery one – full green & lower flashing-then both change to solid green and driving battery 1 lights up on the controller and the app says charge is now heading this way, however the driving battery stays at 27 volts and the flashing charging light does not come on, reverting back to leisure battery after a short period.

Is this as expected (maybe the driving battery is considered full)?


Yes, the controller is running as expected. The solar controller gives priority to the leisure battery side (Battery 1). Once it is full, it will then check Battery 2. If there is full charge on the engine battery, or sufficient to not need charging, then as the priority is on Battery 1, it will switch back to there. It will only stay and charge the engine battery if it is needed.


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