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300 Watt Pure Sine Wave Mains Inverter 12V to 240V

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A power inverter, or mains inverter is essential if you want to run ordinary domestic mains appliances in your motorhome, RV or caravan when you are off grid away from a mains hookup. An inverter converts the 12V DC from your leisure battery to mains voltage AC power so you can run your ordinary mains powered devices from your battery.

This premium quality 300 Watt mains power inverter has a pure sine wave output for compatibility with all mains equipment unlike cheaper modified sine inverters

Installed to one dedicated single socket in the vehicle for use with appliances.

There is an option to install to all sockets on your vehicle  –  Please see optional fitting option –





  • 3 Pin UK mains socket
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Continuous/rated power: 300 Watts.
  • Peak/surge power: 600 Watts.
  • Supplied with heavy duty power leads
  • Input voltage 11 to 15VDC
  • No load current <350mA
  • Efficiency >=85%
  • Low voltage alarm at 9.5-11 VDC
  • Low voltage shutdown at 9-10.5 VDC
  • Overvoltage shutdown at >=15 VDC
  • Overload protection 1000-1200W
  • Working temperature -10~+50C
  • Over temperature protection
  • Built in cooling fan
  • Dimensions: 130x150x50 mm
  • Weight 0.95Kg




Can I run my 60 Watt Fridge off my battery and inverter?


Yes, but you will need an inverter of 150 + Watts and if your battery is a standard 100Ah battery you will be able to run your fridge for approximately 20 hours before your battery will need recharging.



    We have electric bikes and needing to charge bikes when off Grid purchased this Falcon 300 watt pure sine inverter. Works perfect.

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