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FALCON 240W 12V Portable Folding Solar System with 20A MPPT Regulator and Bluetooth


Whether camping off-grid or on-grid energy is essential for enjoying our home comforts.

Battery power supports your TV, Internet, charging your devices, lights, water pumps and any other 12V devices. When we are taking so much energy from our batteries we need to give back what we are taking out.

The FALCON 240 Watt Solar System is a great solution for those wanting to get off grid or reduce the cost of camping due to the increasing cost of energy. Generating up to 20 amps per hour.

The German designed monocrystalline solar cells collect energy on cloudy days as well as sunny days.

MPPT regulator technology is able to collect up to 30% more energy than a traditional regulator with PWM technology.

The regulator comes with built in Bluetooth allowing you to connect your smart phone or tablet to monitor how much energy you solar is producing and how much is stored inside your battery. Allowing you to view how much your solar system has produced over the last 60 days, giving you a better understanding of the health of your battery, how much you are able to take out and how much you are putting in.

The MPPT regulator is able to detect the state of charge, SOC, of the battery and can control the energy supplied to the battery stopping charging the battery when it is full. The regulator is compatible with all battery technologies.

Includes crocodile clip leads and ring terminal leads for quick and easy connection to the battery with an Anderson connector to allow switching between the two leads, and quickly release the connection to the battery should the need arise or you wish to leave your ring terminals connected.

Compact foldable design, portable & ready to use, packing aways into a compact bespoke carry bag to protect your panels when in storage..

Comes with a 5 metre cable and a 5 metre extension cable is also available, if your battery is in a difficult to locate area.

Solar Panel:

  • Produces up to 20 amps per hour.
  • 2 x 120Watt Monocrystalline German Solar Cell Panel, collecting energy on cloudy days as well as sunny ones.
  • Lightweight, 18.9Kg, portable and easy to store.
  • Dimensions when packed: 1075 (w) x 695 (h) x 80 (d) mm
  • Dimensions when set up: 1190 (w) x 780 (h) x 750 (d) mm
  • Comes with ring terminal or crocodile clip connection to the battery. With an in line fuse to protect the battery from an over surge.


  • 20Amp 12V MPPT Single Output regulator
  • Supplies regulated power to the battery
  • Built in Bluetooth to connect your phone and monitor how much energy you are producing and storing.
  • Protects the battery against overcharge, by cutting the supply to the battery when the regulator detects the battery is full.
  • Compatible with Lithium, Lead Acid, Gel, and AGM batteries


Falcon Foldable Solar MPPT Regulator User Manual

240W Folding Solar System User Manual

Bluetooth App User Manual (Android)

Bluetooth APP User Manual (IOS)

Specifications label


  1. James Greenwood

    Wanting to do more off grid but not having the roof space on my small camper van so I looked for a folding solar system. Checking out the regulator options understood MPPT was the batter technology found the Falcon one online. I have had this for 4 months now and works great love the app where you can see how much power is being made and how much you have stored. Makes it easier to understand our energy.

  2. Mark Phillips

    We had a 150 watt before with a basic regulator and we kept running out of power. We bought this kit at the October NEC 2023 and we have used in 2024 works great not let us down and great we can keep an eye on solar production with the app.

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