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FALCON 150W Solar System with 20A Single MPPT Regulator For Motorhomes or Caravans


Camping with renewable energy

The FALCON solar system can add value and convenience to your camping experience!

Energy is a key requirement when camping in your caravan, motorhome, or camper van.  We need energy for lights, water pumps, charging phones or watching TV.  The FALCON 150W solar system can make up to 12.5 amps per hour. Thus putting back into your battery what you are taking out to renew your daily needs.

Camping at campsites is now more expensive than ever due to the increased cost of energy. Campsites are offering sites with electrical hook up at an increased value against pitches with no electric.  Making your own electric with the FALCON solar system allows you to enjoy your camping at a lower value.

If you are looking to explore, now you can go wherever you want producing your own energy allows you to go camping off-grid, as you’re not restricted to staying at campsites that have electric hook up.

Your solar system will produce 12V allowing you to use your lights, water pump and any other 12V appliances, if you are looking to have 230V supply off-grid, take a look at our inverter range below.

Benefits of MPPT Solar Regulator Technology

MPPT technology generates up to 30% more energy from your solar panels than a standard PWM regulator, allowing you to keep up with your energy needs without requiring a massive panel, and unlike PWM regulators MPPT is compatible with Lithium leisure batteries, if you already have them in your van or are looking to upgrade, check out ours below.

Battery maintenance

Maintaining your camping battery is important to increase it’s life expectancy, the FALCON solar will keep your battery topped in or out of season.  Making it ready for your next Adventure.

Choose whether you’d like to get your new Solar system installed at our state of the art facility in the heart of Cheshire, with 2 free nights of camping, see the video for more information.

Or have an mobile engineer come to your door to do the job there.


This system comes with a 5 year warranty!

Solar Panel features:

  • Produces up to 12.5 amps per hour.
  • 150Watt Monocrystalline German Solar Cell Panel, collecting energy on cloudy days as well as sunny ones.
  • 10 Metres of high-grade solar cable.
  • Aluminium roof fixings
  • Waterproof cable entry gland, to protect your van against water ingress, comes in white or black to best suit your van.
  • Sealed with the industry’s highest standard adhesive in white or black.
  • Panel Weight: 10.4Kg


  • 20Amp 12V MPPT Single Output regulator
  • Supplies regulated power to the battery
  • Protects the battery against overcharge, by cutting the supply to the battery when the regulator detects the battery is full.
  • Compatible with Lithium, Lead Acid, Gel, and AGM batteries
  • Load output for connecting extension USB ports to be run to another part of your van, allowing you to be able to redirect any excess energy rather than wasting it, see below.
  • Built in Bluetooth to connect your phone and monitor how much energy you are producing and storing.
  • 20A fuse and holder, to protect your battery against large power surges


  1. Owen Carswell

    We had this installed to give us the ability to camp off grid, works perfect and with the BT app we can see how much power is in our battery and how much power the solar panel is making. Nice tidy job and very impressed with the service and support.

  2. Jon Jones

    We wanted somthing to keep our fridge topped up. we go away for about 2 days. The Solar keeps topped up so the battery is full when we leave home and keeps the battery topped up when camping. Easy tidy instalaltion works great very pleased.

  3. Stuart Dutton

    Mario Silva

    Great for off Grid, we had before a 100 watt system but wanted to do more off grid earlier in the season so had a 150 watt fitted. This is the 4th system fitted at FALCON keep going back as service is 2nd to none. Thanks FALCON another great job.

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