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FALCON 12V DC to DC Charger


Battery To Battery ( DC – DC Chargers) allow you to charge an auxiliary / leisure battery from your vehicles alternator which driving. It offers correct charging for AGM, Flooded, Gel, and even Lithium deep cycle batteries! Featuring a 3-stage battery charger and multiple electronic protections, owners can feel confident that their batteries are being charged optimally and automatically. For added safety to personnel, it also isolates the input from the output preventing incorrect voltage transmission.

How does a DC to DC Charger work?

The Charger takes whatever output is available from the alternator and converts this to a higher rate of amperage. It will charge the auxiliary battery at whatever current the auxiliary battery can take.


  • Multi-Chemistry Battery Types: AGM, Flooded, Gel, and Lithium
  • Smart Protection Features: Over-voltage safety, Overheat protection, and Reverse polarity protection
  • Battery Input and Output Isolation
  • Compact, sturdy design, built tough for all conditions
  • Increases run time of loads, such as fridges and lights
  • Overcomes voltage drop caused by long cable runs
  • Prolongs Battery Life
  • Dimensions:  190×194×70mm
  • Weight: 1.44kg

Optional Monitoring Display types:

If you wish to also keep track of the progress of the state of charge and input current to the batteries.  You can choose available options of Bluetooth connectivity and Smartphone app to view the charging status and progress at any time.   Alternatively you can also choose a Physical monitoring display to be installed into your van which will give a realtime readout of the start of charge and current.   If you wish to add one of these options please choose from the relevant drop down before purchase.


Display Type

No Display ( Standard ), Bluetooth & Monitoring App, Monitoring Display Unit

Installation Option

Fitted at Falcon, Mobile Installation


  1. Paul Fox

    Great addition to our energy system, we found there were times early or late in the season where the solar was not just doing enough. We had this fitted 2019 and had really made a big difference to topping up the camping battery in the short day light days.

  2. Ben Gittins

    We do a lot of off grid camping and though we have 150 watt of solar it is not always enough when over cast or short day light hours. We had this fitted in 2023 by FALCON and it has never let us down. We were camping in December and our battery was kept topped up. Great product

  3. Charlie Blackshaw

    Great product make’s off grid camping with more peace of mind where we do not have to soley rely on solar when the weather is poor.

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