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FALCON 10W Portable Solar Panel Battery Maintainer/Charger


Keep your battery topped up and extend its life with this 10 Watt solar charger for 12V batteries in motorhomes, caravans, boats and cars.

Batteries naturally drain over time even when there is nothing being powered from them, applying a maintenance charge to the battery using a solar charger is an ideal way of preventing this meaning you can always come back to a fully charged battery.

The robust waterproof design allows for use inside a window or outside the vehicle mounted using the included suction cups and the mono-crystalline solar cells means it will work in all daylight conditions.  The solar panel comes with both a battery clip lead for direct connection to your starter or leisure battery and a 12v accessory socket/cigarette lighter lead*,  a 2 pin connector allows you to easily swap the leads over as required.

A 2 metre extension cable and a 2 metre cable with ring terminals are also available.

AVOID flat batteries out of season

REPLACE the power in your battery when camping for charging your devices

EASY SETUP just plug and charge

*Please note that 12V socket charging will only work if your socket remains powered when the vehicle ignition is off.


  • Easy to use solar panel
  • 10 Watt SOLAR panel
  • Monocrystalline solar works with sunlight as well as daylight
  • Ideal for topping up your leisure battery or starter battery out of season
  • Charge directly to the battery with the crocodile clips or through your 12 volt socket*
  • 2 power cables included; 1 metre for the 12 volt socket and 2 metres for crocodile clips
  • Suction cup mounting option can be fitted inside the window or externally
  • Built in diode to prevent battery discharge at night
  • Will not overcharge your battery
  • 345 x 245 mm and only 4 mm thick

*Please note that 12V socket charging will only work if your socket remains powered when the vehicle ignition is off.


In the box you get:

  • 10W solar panel
  • 4 x mounting suckers
  • 1 metre cable with cigarette lighter plug
  • 2 metre cable with crocodile clips




  1. Peter Wilkinson

    We bought ours during the current Covid 19 lockdown as our caravan is in storage and the battery was draining, as soon as we got it we realised the cables are not quite long enough if we wanted the panel placed in one of the skylights to get constant light as other caravans blocked the windows, so I extended the lead from the battery to the panel, this was a very easy 5 minute task using some good connectors and utilising the original plugs on the original cables, but remember this will invalidate any warranty so only extend if you really must, anyway, after fitting the cabled direct to the battery and leaving the panel in place for 24hrs the battery level meter went from flashing red (very nearly flat) to half charged, the weather wasn’t kind as it was pretty dull all day with a few showers and some odd intervals of sunshine, but overall I would definitely recommend this panel to anyone who needs to keep a battery topped up on a caravan or any vehicle that isnt going to be used for a while, we have been up again ant the battery is now fully charged after around 40hrs but remember 15hrs were at night time so realistically this charged a flat battery from flat to full in around 25hrs, if you really do need to extend the cable, Falcon sell a 2m extension cable so your warranty stays intact, I only extended as we needed to charge the battery fast and I didn’t see the cable extension in time, now if I had to score this out of 10 it would get a 10 despite the cables being a little short for caravan charging, but the addition of an extra cable makes this a very good buy.

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