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FALCON 10A Single Output MPPT Solar Regulator – For Liquid, GEL & AGM Batteries

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10A MPPT Single Output Solar Regulator  For Liquid, GEL & AGM


What are the Benefits of MPPT?

MPPT checks output of PV module, compares it to battery voltage then fixes what is the best power that PV module can produce to charge the battery and converts it to the best voltage to get maximum current into battery. It can also supply power to a DC load, which is connected directly to the battery.

  • They provide an increase in charging efficiency up to 30% compared to PWM

MPPT is most effective under these conditions:

Cold weather, cloudy or hazy days: Normally, PV module works better at cold temperatures and MPPT is utilized to extract maximum power available from them.
When battery is deeply discharged: MPPT can extract more current and charge the battery if the state of charge in the battery is lowers.


  • MPPT charge controller 10 amps: Highly efficient charge controller. For solar panels / Solar Arrays up to 130 watts.
    • Optimal charging of lead/acid, AGM or Gel batteries
    • 10%-30% extra use of the solar panel through the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) system
    • Proven high reliability
    • Intelligent 4-stage charging:
      • ‘MPPT’ increases solar panel current to take full advantage of the available sunlight
      • ‘Boost/Absorption’ mode to maximise charge levels, and prolong battery life
      • ‘Equalisation’ mode to balance the cell voltages
      • ‘Float’ mode to maintain the batteries once they are fully charged
    • Specially designed for motorhomes and caravans
    • Fully automatic.  Very simple setup
    • LCD display shows: Battery voltage, current and capacity; Solar panel current etc.
    • Two USB ports for charging USB appliances. 2 amps max
    • Temperature probe for the battery
    • Very easy to install and use
    • Robust, compact design built for very long life and zero maintenance
    • Can accept solar panels of up to 130 watts
    • Maximum charging current 10 Amps
    • Dimensions: 189 x 96 x 53 mm



  • Maximum Solar Panel / Array Wattage :  130 Watts
  • Battery Operating Voltage:  12 Volts
  • Dimensions:  189mm x 96mm x 53 mm
  • Weight:  420 grams
  • Charge Modes: MPPT, Boost, Float, Equalise
  • Solar Panel Maxiumum VOC: 40 Volts
  • Operating Temperature: -20 degC to +50 degC
  • Two USB ports for charging USB appliances 2A max


  1. Robert King

    I chaned my regulator as I had a new LIthium battery fitted to the caravan, it was a simple job wiht this regulator and changed the settings to Lithium. The window off information is helpful much better than the one I had before.

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