100W Flexible ETFE Solar Panel for Motorhome, Caravan or Boat Inc 10A MPPT Regulator


If you are looking for an off grid power solution allowing you to stay off grid for longer than your battery can support you then SOLAR is what you need.

All our solar panels are MONOCRYSTALLINE which means they will work in both daylight and sunlight.

With German solar cells, Falcon can renew your daily energy requirement keeping your camping battery topped up, also adding peace of mind by keeping your battery maintained when your van is not in use.

For campervans and motorhomes solar can add another benefit by keeping the engine battery topped up. See the dual regulator option in related items below. This is a definite asset to those with alarms and trackers, keeping the engine battery and leisure battery topped up keeping them healthy and extending the life expectancy of the battery as well as giving you peace of mind your van will start.

Life made easy by Falcon!

4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5 269 Reviews)



A complete 100W roof mounted semi-flexible solar panel complete with charge MPPT regulator/solar controller and waterproof cable entry gland.

The Benefits of MPPT over PWM regulators are that they are up to 30% more efficient at distributing the energy providing more performance out of your Solar Panel in most conditions.

In the UK summer this 100w 12v solar battery charger kit will charge your battery around 120 amp hours per day.

Flexible panel ideal for mounting on none-flat surfaces.

Our flexible solar panel makes use of an expensive high strength ETFE polymer material which vastly increases the performance of the panel compared to the PET plastic types commonly available. The ETFE top layer is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self cleaning and it retains its clarity and therefore performance over time.

With very high efficiency cells the flexible panel as an efficiency 30% higher than conventional solar panels and thanks to the use of the polymer plastics there is no glass or frame so it is incredibly thin and light weight, great for motorhome and caravan roofs.

The panel is waterproof and also has a high resistance to salt water environments so also making it perfect for boats and yachts.




Tech Specs

  • High Performance SunPower USA Grade A Monocrystalline Cells
  • Perfect for charging 12 volt batteries of all types
  • Maximum power 100W
  • Excellent performance even in low light conditions
  • 10A 12V MPPT Solar Regulator
  • End charge voltage 13.4V-14.2V
  • Average Daily:  120A
  • Boost charge voltage 14.4V
  • Over voltage protection
  • Panel dimensions 940 x 670mm
  • Weight 2.1Kg
  • Maximum bending arch height 70mm


What's Included

  • 100W Semi-Flexible Solar Panel
  • 10A 12V MPPT Solar Regulator
  • Pre-fitted with 5 Metres of high quality solar cable
  • Waterproof cable entry gland
  • Sikaflex 512 White Adhesive
  • 10A fuse and holder with connectors
  • Screws for mounting regulator



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