100W 12V Folding Solar Panel for Caravan or Motorhome with Digital Display


A complete 100W 12 Volt portable solar panel kit for motorhomes, caravans and camping. The panel comes with a built in charge regulator/solar controller with a clear digital display so no struggling trying decipher cryptic LED displays. Also included is a 5 metre cable with both battery clips and ring terminals and a sturdy protective carry/storage case.

Everything you need (sunshine not included) to be charging your batteries in seconds.

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A complete 100W (50W + 50W) portable solar panel kit with charge regulator/solar controller with a digital display, 5m cable with both battery clips and ring terminal leads and a sturdy protective carry/storage case. Includes everything you need to be charging your batteries in seconds.

Includes crocodile clip leads and ring terminal leads for connection to the battery with an Anderson connector to allow switching between the two leads.

Compact foldable design, portable & ready to use, the kit comes complete with everything needed for quick easy setup and safe charging of 12 volt batteries of all types. The high quality built-in charge regulator ensures the battery is protected from overcharge and over-discharge at all times.

Comes with a 5 metre cable and a 5 metre extension cable is also available.

Solar Charge Control with Digital Display
What sets this panel aside from the competition is the solar charge controller with built in digital display which means no more cryptic LEDs and instant access to the charge status of your battery, accurate voltage level, charging current and confirmation of proper connection.

  • Monitor the state of charge of the battery;
  • Voltage and charging current (Amps) reading
  • Battery charge status
  • Easy error indication
  • Controls the charging process
  • Control the connection/disconnection of loads
  • Make sure Solar system works at proper condition.
  • Manual load switch with automatic re-start
  • This intelligent charge controller has temperature compensation and boost function to condition the battery and extends its life by preventing the build up of sulphate deposits on the plates inside the battery.
  • Perfect for use as a touring charger on motorhomes, caravans, boats and general battery charging. Suitable for sealed and open leisure batteries as well as Gel and SLA.

With 7 hours of suitable light per day at up to 5.71 Amps per hour this 100W panel gives up to 40 Amps per day, enough to stay off mains and run TV, water pump and lights for 5 or more hours per day.




Getting Started

Quick Start Guide

Charge Controller User manual



Tech Specs

  • High Performance Bosch Monocrystalline Cells
  • Perfect for charging 12 volt batteries of all types
  • Maximum power 100W
  • Two robust 50W solar panels
  • Excellent performance even in low light conditions
  • 10A 12V intelligent charge regulator with PWM and enhanced protection functions
  • Digital status display – no more cryptic LED indicators
  • End charge voltage 13.4V-14.2V
  • Boost charge voltage 14.4V
  • Over voltage protection
  • 5m cable with Anderson connector
  • Anderson to battery clips lead included
  • Anderson to ring terminal lead included
  • Foldable heavy duty anodised aluminium stand with angle adjustment
  • Protectors on every corner and heavy duty lifting handle
  • Sturdy protective case protecting agains accidental damage.
  • Folded Size: 695x510x70mm
  • Open Size: 695x1024x35mm
  • Weight: 12Kg
  • Peak power (Pmax) 100Wp (2 x 50Wp)
  • Power tolerance range: 0/+3%
  • Max power voltage / Vmp(V): 17.5
  • Max power current / Imp(A): 5.71
  • Open circuit voltage / Voc(V): 21.6
  • Short circuit current / isc(A): 6.2
  • Above specifications at standard test conditions.
  • (STC):1000W/m2, cell temperature 25C, AM1.5

What's Included

Kit Includes:

  • 100W Folding Solar Panel
  • 5 Metre Cable with Anderson connector
  • Anderson to ring terminals lead
  • Anderson to battery clips lead
  • Carry case




  1. nsc

    Alan Phelps

    The service I received was exceptional,informative and a pleasure to deal with someone that was knowledgeable and pleasant to discuss the product with.Delivery was 1st class and can fully recommend this company.

  2. Martin Sampson

    As caravanner we do a lot of rallies, one of my friends had purchased a fixed solar panel from Falcon and he found it very useful. I had got a Freedom caravan its very small but it does me on my own. Only thing was not much room on the roof for the fixed solar so after a chat with Falcon I bought the 100 watt folding system. What a difference it has made. This year I went to the Caravan nationals at Norfolk which if you want electric its a lot at £150 for a week. I was there for 8 days with my solar topped up my batteries a treat. I had my telly working lights etc and still my battery had charge at the end of the event. Since used it when out on the rallies a worthy addition to my camping kit. Martin Sampson Wiltshire.

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