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How to get better WiFi reception in your Motorhome or Caravan

Often when we are out in our motorhome or caravan we want to connect to the internet and with lots of easily available hotspots from the likes of BT, O2 and The Cloud among others this is now a lot easier than it used to be. Nearly all camping and caravan sites offer WiFi of some sort these days too.

Sounds great doesn’t it but we all know that in practice sometimes you are just too far from that WiFi hotspot to make contact from your portable devices such as iPads or iPhones, or if you can connect it is too slow to be usable because of high levels of error correction due to the poor signal.

So, how do you improve the WiFi reception in your motorhome, caravan, RV etc?

RM-ANTThe solution comes from the RangeMaster series of long range WiFi products. If you just want to be able to connect one computer (Windows PC, Apple Mac or even Linux) then as long as you have a spare USB port all you need is the WiFi King long range USB antenna. This high gain antenna with its sensitive high power receiver will enable to you connect to distant WiFi hotspots with ease and it’s simple to use, connect the USB cable to your computer, install the drivers and stick the antenna outside your motorhome or caravan, mounting it with the powerful suction cup means no damage to your vehicle. Then just search for the new WiFi access points you can see and connect as normal.

RangeMaster Antenna In Use
RangeMaster Long Range WiFi Antenna In Use

What about multiple devices, iPads, Android tablets, smartphones?

RM-KIT1Most of us have at least one of these devices these days, often more and if you want to get the benefit of a long range WiFi booster with these devices you need the RangeMaster High Power Router and WiFi Antenna pack. This includes the WiFi King antenna and a powerful mini router/access point, this effectively creates your own local hotspot linked to the distant hotspot you are connecting to so you can connect multiple laptops, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Blackberrys, Windows Phones and so on.

What if there are no hotspots within range?

RM-RTSometimes we are just too far away from a WiFi signal to connect, even with the powerful WiFi King antenna. In these cases you can use the RangeMaster 3G WiFi Hotspot kit. This consists of the RangeMaster router and a 3G dongle which allows you to share a 3G mobile internet connection from a provider of your choice (we like mobi-data.co.uk) between all your WiFi devices. Using one cheap internet data connection between all your devices can be a big cost saving compared to having a SIM and data service for every device.

Can I have it all?

RM-KIT2If you want the best of both worlds to give you the option of a shared 3G internet service and long range Wi-Fi the RangeMaster Ultimate 3G & Wi-Fi bundle gives you the WiFi King long range WiFi antenna, the 3G dongle and the WiFi router so you get the choice of connecting to a WiFi hotspot or using a 3G connection when that isn’t possible.


No WiFi in range, no 3G coverage, what now?

free_range_internetIf you want to go even further afield where there is no 3G coverage then you need to look at satellite broadband internet. Once a hugely expensive luxury costing well over £3000 plus a costly installation we can now offer you a much more affordable solution with our EZ-Net portable satellite internet system. Yours for under £900 plus a monthly subscription starting at £9.95, the EZ-Net will give you a high speed internet connection over most of Europe and beyond at speeds of up to 20Mbps. It’s easy for one person so set up alone thanks to the patented digital elevation tool and point and play azimuth device and comes complete with a mini WiFi router so you can share your new broadband satellite internet with all your portable (or wired ethernet) devices. It even works with Skype and streaming video and music services.


If you have got any questions about long range Wi-Fi for you motorhome or caravan or our high speed satellite broadband systems then please contact us here.