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A Busy Fortnight at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf

caravan-salon-dusseldorfAlways up for a challenge we made the trip to Germany for the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf again, this is our third time at this huge international motorhome and caravan show. This was the 54th Caravan Salon and it saw a record 202,000 visitors over the 9 days and there were more than 70,000 overnight stays at the shows own camp site. Mind boggling numbers.

Having suffered the daily commute in to the huge Messe Düsseldorf exhibition centre in previous years Chris decided to take the caravan this year which would mean only a short cycle ride between the shows own camp site and the exhibition hall, a lot less stressful and a lot quicker. The only problem left was how to get our 7.5 tonne truck and the caravan to Germany. The obvious solution was for Colette to join Chris at the show and drive the caravan out but it clashed with the autumn show in Newbury the following weekend and we didn’t want to let down our customers that would be expecting to see us there.

So Tuesday 25th August saw Chris in the truck and Colette towing the caravan with the 4×4 both leaving for Germany, first stop Hull then on to the ferry to Rotterdam and from there on to Düsseldorf. Colette stopped in Germany until Friday to help set up and then flew back to the UK to prepare to do the autumn show in Newark with Grandad while Chris handled things in Germany with help from our German colleagues Jazz and Adele.

Caravan Salon is a massive show with manufacturers from around Europe and beyond demonstrating their products, there are more motorhomes and caravans than you can imagine and some fantastic displays (see some of the pictures below) and things you won’t see elsewhere.

After nine days of seeing visitors from all over Europe and beyond we were finally done (and done in, or fix und fertig as the Germans would say), the stand was packed back up in the truck and ready for the off. Without a moments rest after the Newark show Colette flew straight back out to Germany to bring the caravan back, following Chris in convoy via a detour in the Netherlands to pick some stock up and arriving back in Cheshire on Tuesday morning with a big sigh of relief.

Preparing for a big show like this is a challenge at the best of times but international travel, flights back and to and all the timing involved introduces a lot of extra logistics but thankfully it all went without a hitch.

After that you would think it would be time for a rest but no chance, it’s more shows for the next 3 weekends starting with the Motorhome Show in Shepton Mallet, followed by The South Coast Caravan and Motorhome Show in Romsey then The Motorhome Show Season Finale in Lincoln and finally a weekends breathing room before the big one at the Motorhome and Caravan Show at the NEC in October. THEN we can relax. For a short while anyway.

If you enjoy our show updates you can get more on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or Google+ here and if you speak German there is a little message from Jazz on our German website here.

Here is a selection of pictures from our trip and from the show:

Leaving Hull
On the ferry leaving Hull.
Last chance to relax for a while
Last chance to relax for a while.
Arriving in Rotterdam
Arriving in Rotterdam.
Back on the road
Back on terra firma.
We arrived safe and sound at lunchtime on Wednesday
We arrived safe and sound at the show camp site at lunchtime on Wednesday.
Chris' home for the week, QuickSAT dish all set up of course
This was Chris’ home for the week, QuickSAT dish all set up of course.
Arrival at Messe Dusseldorf and it was tipping it down
When we got to the Messe Dusseldorf exhibition centre to unpack it was tipping it down. That’s our truck over there, blue of course.
In fact it was so wet our caravan shrunk!
In fact it was so wet that our caravan shrunk!
Then came the hard work setting up the stand
Then came the job of setting up the stand.
Plenty to do
Lots of pre-planning meant it all came together nicely.
All finished
All finished ready for the trade day and then nine public days!
Then it was time to have a nosey round
With the stand built it was time to have a nosey round the rest of the show.
There were some great displays
There were some great displays.
Lots and lots of motorhomes
Lots and lots of motorhomes, the compact Hobby Optima range was very nice.
and caravans
and plenty of caravans, this is a little Fendt Bianco 390
the odd bear
and the odd bear…
Don't think this chap had to worry about him though!
don’t think this guy had to worry about him though!
lots of gnomes
There were lots of these little chaps around too.
and a giant barbecue!
and a giant barbecue!
Colette flew home on Friday evening
Colette flew home on Friday evening to prepare to do the Newark show with Grandad.
While Chris and the girls handled the crowds
While Chris and the girls handled the crowds in Germany for the next 9 days.
Lots of interest in sat navs and cameras
There was a lot of interest in sat navs and cameras.
and as usual the QuickSAT was a huge success
As usual the QuickSAT portable satellite TV dish was also a huge success.
Chris' transport for the week
This was Chris’ transport for the week.
and finally it was over
The last trip back to the caravan and finally the relief that it was all over for another year!
Just back from Newark, Colette flew back out to Germany
Meanwhile Colette was just back from Newark and on a flight back out to Germany to meet Chris and drive the caravan back.
For a trip back through the Netherlands to collect some stock and finally back to the UK.
A slight detour in the Netherlands to collect some stock and then finally back to the UK.

Dankeschön Deutschland.